BoatAs far as I remember, it was 2003 when I first got into the boat called UBT. That time I worked as a teacher of English at school and as a lecturer of Business English at a university (while studied economy and finances there). Once a friend of mine asked me to translate a contract for a local mining company. That was my first translation for money. After that I started my own business and opened a translation agency. The area where I lived and worked was a big industrial region in the east of Ukraine – it was a part of Donbass region where almost all coal mining and metallurgical companies are concentrated. Very soon I realized that I didn’t have enough experience in technical issues and heavy industry and decided to get it.

So, in 2006 I started to work as a translator and interpreter for Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works, which is one of the biggest steel plants in Ukraine. Those were hard six years of thousands documents translated. As well about 80% of time I worked on site assisting foreign engineers, site managers, etc. I was engaged in construction and commissioning of many huge projects – construction of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant by Mitsubishi, construction and startup of Air Separation Plant by Air Liquide, startup and repairs of LD Plant by Siemens VAI, construction and startup of COG, BFG and LDG Gasholders by Motherwell Bridge, Pulverized Coal Injection Units for existing Blast Furnaces, construction of a new Blast Furnace by Danieli Corus, and some other smaller projects.

Within that time I got such experience in translation and interpretation, which allowed me to grow my own agency. When I started I was alone, and then I had several people in my team. And we’ve made many translation projects for local mining and metallurgical companies.

Things went great, but it was not enough for me. I wanted more experience in other fields, started to work as a sales manager for a Chinese manufacturer of metallurgical consumables and equipment, and learned a lot about metallurgy, B2B, economy and so on. After that I worked for a couple of companies as a project manager and business development director and got more experience in show business, IT & eCommerce.

I always continue growing and developing my business and professional skills and wish you the same + much more!

Recently my small but strong boat UBT has come in the international market! Go! 😉

New History just begins…


P.S. Dear Friends, Partners and Colleagues, learn new things, use know-hows and improve your personal and professional skills every certain day of you wonderful life!

P.P.S. Well, no more talking! Let’s do the job!